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Notar Akten
If you are interested in selling, buying or renting an apartment, loft or house in Berlin you need to consult an estate agent. The choice will be difficult, since there are hundreds of them. So how can you find the right professional help?

First of all: are you searching or offering an object? For rent or sale?

Are you already living in Berlin or plan to live there?

You want to buy a property as an investment in the futur? Buy to let? Just now there are excellent opportunities to invest in Berlin properties with an attractive rental income.

Why Berlin? Cheapest property prices in europe, increasing values!

What else? Berlin is the third biggest tourist city in Europe. It is the government centre and the educational centre of Germany.


Berlin is the most significant cultural centre east of Paris. In the economic arena Berlin is finding its place in the industry-dominated German economy as a new service and technology centre.


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